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Class Weekly Update - 28th June 2019

Mr Rutter - 27 Jun 2019

We have finally managed to see some sunshine after all of that horrible rain! Let's hope it lasts!
Yesterday the children all had a practise run at being in the year above in preparation for September. Mr Donaldson reported that our current Year 2s (soon to be Year 3s!) were amazing and he is looking forward to welcoming them in September. Our current Year 1s were amazing role models for the Reception visitors we had in my class yesterday. Reception were great and I am looking forward to get to know them when they join us after summer.
This week in maths we have been revisiting fractions because they can be tricky to understand. We have looked at equivalent fractions (e.g. 1/2 = 2/4) and sorted grouped representations of fractions together. Fractions can be used to show a part of a shape or object, a quantity of objects and parts of a number. For example, you could cut a pizza into quarters, you could find a quarter of 16 strawberries, or you could split the number 8 into quarters. Building on this knowledge, we have also been applying our understanding with some word problems. We had to remember our strategy of reading the question very carefully, underlining key information, deciding what we have to do to work it out and then ensuring that we have a good explanation for our answer.
In our English work we have been making some comparisons between different characters from different texts that we have looked at this year. Some children chose to compare Toad from the Wind in the Willows with Fantastic Mr Fox (some even made a third comparison to the BFG). There were some fantastic ideas - for example, the characters all stole something, however we agreed that they stole for very different reasons!
In our topic work we have been finishing off our letters for a school in Brisbane who have agreed to write back to us! We will be finalising our drafts tomorrow so that Mr Rutter can send them off over the weekend (via email!). We have also been finding out about the Great Barrier Reef. We found out how important it is for the marine life near Australia, and for protecting Australia from big waves. We have also finished off our science documentaries about Australian animals - there were some astonishing facts! (I won't go into details about the wombat fact that made some of us giggle!)

A couple of reminders:
- Please be aware that Whizz Kids is available before school for any parents/carers who need to get to work. 
- Scooters and bikes are not to be ridden on the path or playground at any time. 
- The weather is getting hotter now, sunhats are strongly advised. Please can you also apply suncream before school (otherwise your children may miss out on their playtime because they are applying their suncream then!). 
- Next Wednesday (3rd July) there will be a non-uniform day. 
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